n o 1    n o d e s

vierte welt / acud theater, berlin 2019 / 2020
ongoing ritualistic performance on collective memory

“ no1 nodes was birthed out of a funeral; the 1 that thisappeared.
Full cold moon to push the seed out of the ground; letting nodes emerge. no one knew though. ”

This piece started with a personal desire to perform a ritual to shed one’s past that no longer served one.
Process involved collecting fragments of memories from many whom I shared experiences with
as memories  were the glue that held us together. Woven out of threads of shared memories,
text became a living organism that breathes and evolves as the conductor, I, experience and
create more memories. Vessels who shared memories with me, gathered together to
dive deep into their personal memories to find common thread  amongst their
memories  that created the blue print for their signature movements. Basing fractals
as a framework, no1 nodes evolves  out of infinitely complex patterns that are
self-similar across different scales, repeating a simple process
over and over in an ongoing feedback loop.  

collective text by Adomas Laurinaitis, Barbara Panther, Ben Opak, Daphne Carl, Flavio Stella,
Hyui Ines Rmi, Jan Kunkel,  Jay McCormack, Nicholas Brummer,  Miss Jay, Nicolas Shaefers, Pompom Intensity, Sarah  Johanna Theuer, Sophie Douala, Kristen Stokes, Kasia Salinger, Marcin Malisz

I fell in love with you when my dick was a shark

a deep undulating dire desire

perpetrating the sweat glands of your finger

I have one in my hand

I was 19.

you popped out of the wardrobe

with a fake press pass

sticking out from

the rest of the stodgy academics

in the room, only one asking real questions

are you getting paid to look good ?

is it self-care ?

the speakers were beating around the bush

I can hear my voice pounding on the surface of your throat


you didn't let them get away with it

you were two wannabe artists away from the humidity

the intimacy of the fried vegetables

much less your loss

I remember your voice





We watched the sunset

in an empty dandelion seed

with spicy takeaway

whispering the weight of our being

what I really should be doing is

dancing with you

the waves are calling me

I played and kissed you

atmosphere pressurised



manipulation propagates

가로 33인치 티비에서 나온

a dragon with a same Korean phone

blue water. pink Moon

I witnessed her death

and the birth of meba

face masks wouldn’t hold it

metamoebas swarming

bacterias crawling

a wreath of foliage

new species bespeak

self-replicating, self-mirroring

producing electrophoretic patterns

flame the water

it is the crossing of 2 lines

push that button

multiply death

form a circle

reach a single point

the magnitude has polarised

fractals have emerged

I heard you from afar




that feeling of heartbreak

you played Kylie for me

We didn’t speak much

scanned for bodies

walked through water

followed our sweet old jesus

it vaporised the flesh out of me

her lips were gold though

being close to you

brought the calmness to me

dark angel giving that

finger on the rooftop

it was sunset in Warsaw

sweet dreams are calling me

absorbed on my way

healing entity towards a deity

are you all just too sensitive ?

or is the world too dull ?

when you touched me

we walked through the park

you blew this guy off his slackline

I remember a photo of you

holding a phone 

displaying a face

mimicking my


cooking rubber masks

reading insults in French

activating piano chakras

when we first met,

I thought you were a huge bitch

with that japanese accent

and leather pants

I remember you

lying on top of me

your hands on the laptop


it’s 5am

everybody is floating

is this the mood right now ?

how you revealed yourself to me

came back to view my form

in unintelligible bodies

then you casted off the one that

petrified me so much

and left the form I fell in love with

I hope you come back to me

as you did so many times

in this life

in another life

even when you didn’t want to

and I didn’t expect you to

Photography: Benji Simson