. v  o  s  e  s .  

cashmere radio, berlin / zwarte zaal, gent 2017

8-channel performative installation in pitch darkness

This piece started as a research on silence as a space to inhabit, which then gradually evolved into exploring the experience of the self within the phenomenological frame. When we hear silence, the space sheds its layers to reveal its mirrors that stare back at us, who remain silent to attend; by listening to silence, we hear ourselves.
Through proprioception, we can blur the perceived separation of the inner and the outer.

Using “Listening and Voice” by Don Idhe and “Theatre and Aural Attention” by George Home-Cook as a framework, I took on a vow of silence during my residency in Viljandi, Estonia to experience what silence is. In the course of my experiential experiment, I realised that my interest lied in the state that I found myself in when experiencing silence; the silent self (“silentre”). When I entered this dimension of myself, I was able to attend to every detail that the sounding world spoke of, as well as the hallucinatory sounds that I generated in my imagination. After a deep listening of “my sounds”, I discovered that all the sounds I pertained within myself, “my voice,” could be spoken through the muted beings: the objects and the space itself. By letting the muted elements speak through me, I was able to extend the experience of myself, the body-space I inhabit, to the physical space where the very horizon that sound comes from and returns to.